4 Things to do at RV Parks in Parker Arizona

Finding the right RV park in Parker Arizona isn’t easy. It can be such a haggle trying to find the right spot for you leaving you feeling overwhelmed at times with all of the choices and limited availability in the vacation season.

Sound like you? Then you’re at the right place. 

There are many RV Parks in Parker Arizona that have many leisure activities that are easily accessible and get you spending time on having fun on the water! Have fun doing things like spending time on the river and a having cold drink in your hand to relaxing on the beach… also with another cold drink in your hand! Intrigued yet, because it’s just getting started! 

Imagine yourself chilling right on the water at your private RV campsite. A place where you can just relax and enjoy the sunset while grilling and enjoying time with family and friends. The only thing you’ll be thinking about is what can I do next?

That’s why reserving a spot at Sundance RV Resort, a location with yearly RV Campers and weekend warriors, especially those looking for a good time in Parker, AZ. Anyone can have an enjoyable stay on the Parker Strip as long as you know where to go! Here are some things you can do to get you started!


#1 Boating and Jet-Skiing on the Parker Strip

Boating and jet-skiing are by far the most popular thing to do in Parker Arizona. Along the Parker strip are many docks and launch sites for quick and easy access to get in the water. Arizona is known for its intense heat which is why you want to bring lots of cold drinks if you’re thinking about heading out on the water. 

The thing about the Parker Strip is that many places (restaurants, bars, etc.) let you bring your boat or jet skis right up from the water so you can continue having fun on the river after a bite to eat and enjoying a cold beverage with your friends and family. 

Just remember to be safe out there and don’t get too overboard!


#2 Casino and Golf

For some off-the-water activities, the Emerald Canyon Golf course and BlueWater Casino both provide a variety of unique things to do. 

Emerald Canyon golf course is a perfect golfers getaway! Providing a championship golf range, driving range, practice greens, a putting green, a pro golf shop, and a beverage cart that any golf enthusiast would love. 

The BlueWater Casino is perfect for any gambling gamer. Many machines are accessible and even table games! 


#3 Restaurants in Parker Arizona on the water

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner or you just want something to curb your cravings, Sundance Outlaws Saloon and the Black Pearl Restaurant at the Pirates Den has you covered. Just within walking distance or just across the river, you can order a pizza to go or even order it right to your camp! 

Pirate’s Den features a unique pirate-themed scenery, great for kids and adults alike. There’s also a bar with a perfect water view to keep you and your drinks cool!

#4 Enjoy the River Views

Waking up earlier has its perks, especially when you can wake up to a beautiful waterfront view in your private beach villa. After coming back from the boat, don’t miss the sunset! Colorful skies are one thing but when it’s a sunset on the river you don’t want to miss it. 

So, get outside and enjoy a day in Parker Arizona and leave the right RV park choice to us. We want you to come back to your RV campsite feeling like a day well spent.