Sundance RV Resort Rules and Policies


Your enjoyment of the pleasant atmosphere associated with resort living is our primary responsibility. These rules help to insure the safety and security of all of our guests and their visitors. We are making every effort to maintain a clean and safe community at the Sundance RV Resort. Our hope is that adhering to these rules will make for a wonderful guest experience for you, your family and your guests and that you will return again to visit with us at the Sundance RV Resort.


CHECK IN – Check-in time is 2pm Arizona time for RV sites unless other arrangements have been made with our reservation office.


CHECK OUT – Check-out time is 12pm Arizona time. Depending on reservations for incoming guest, you may be able to pre-arrange a late check-out through our office. If you have not made check-out arrangements and do not vacate by the check-out time, you will be charged an additional day.  If your failure to vacate your site interferes with the check-in time of another guest at the site, you will be charged a $100 penalty fee.


SUNSET HOURS – 9pm to 7am. Please do not use generators during these hours and please do not expose your neighbors to excessive noise at any time.


FIREARMS /FIREWORKS – For your safety, no firearms, lethal weapons or fireworks are permitted on resort property at any time.


FIREPITS – The use of fire pits are allowed in your site only. They must be self-contained and have screens.




VEGETATION & WILDLIFE – Vegetation may not be pruned, cut removed without written approval from Sundance RV Resort management. Please do not plant any plants without approval from management. Feeding of wildlife, including burros and birds are prohibited. Hummingbird feeders are acceptable.


Recreational Vehicles Sites

RV REQUIREMENTS – All RV’s must be owner-occupied, RVIA approved, clean, and well maintained with a 3” sewer hookup. RV septic hose must be supported off of the ground. No RV’s older than 15 years unless approved by management. Sewer connections must be sealed to comply with San Bernardino County Health regulations. Pickup campers must remain on the pickup.


RV SITES – Most RV sites are 25×60 ft. All sites offer 30 and 50 amp electrical service, sewer and water. Cable TV is not offered. Internet services are available within coded administration. The use of water pressure regulator is highly recommended. RV’s must be parked in the appropriate area of your site. You may have a maximum of one (1) RV, two vehicles, one boat or two personal watercraft per site. Use of your RV by anyone other than yourself, the owner, must be approved through our office. Sites may not be sublet. Rents and Site Rental Agreements are not transferable and do not accompany the sale of RV’s. We expect you to keep your site clean and neat. Tents are prohibited.


TRASH – Please use plastic garbage bags with ties to eliminate odors and insects. Trash must be removed from the site and taken to the designated sites located near the resort entrance and labeled with the word “REFUSE”. Use the lid on the front for dumping trash. We do not provide disposal receptacles for oversized or hazardous items. Littering of any kind, including cigarette butts and pet waste, on the resort premises will not be tolerated. Due to wind, weather and animals, OUTDOOR TRASH CONTAINERS ARE NOT PERMITTED!


CLOTHESLINES – You may hang your wet bathing suits and towels within your patio area but regular clotheslines are prohibited.


OCCUPANCY – No more than six (6) persons will be registered per site. The rental of a recreational vehicle site is intended for recreational purposes and may not be used for residential or commercial purposes and may not be subleased. No one may sleep outdoors or in vehicles or boats. Any activity that signifies residency, enrolling your children in local schools or year round occupancy will result in the termination of your stay.


MONTHLY GUESTS – Monthly sites are registered to two persons only. One of these persons must be present during the time frame that the site is being utilized.


VISITORS – If you entertain visitors at the resort, you are responsible for their conduct while on the resort premises and are responsible for any damages incurred by them. You can arrange with our office to issue a pass for expected visitors. Please keep in mind that there is a limit of six persons to an RV site at any time. Any guest not adhering to this visitor’s policy will lose all visitor privileges within the resort.


CHILDREN – Because the Sundance RV Resort is in such a unique location, our policy regarding children varies as follows:

November 1 – March 31 –During this time, the resort maintains an adult atmosphere. While children are welcome, their use of facilities may be somewhat restricted due to planned adult activities. Children should have adult supervision.

April 1 – October 31 – Families and children are welcome! Parents are fully liable and responsible for the acts and conduct of their children at all times.

Traffic – The speed limit within the resort is 5 mph.

GOLF CARTS – Motorized vehicles may be used within the resort as transportation only – no joy riding. All operators of motorized vehicles must be at least 16 years of age and hold a valid driver’s license. Use of motorized vehicles is prohibited after 9 pm.


NO OHV (Off Highway Vehicles) driving in the park. Area guests can park there and drive across the desert.

Our roadways are county roadways and you are subject to all State Laws


Maximum of two vehicles on your site at any time. Vehicles and watercraft must fit on your space, as there is no parking on the street.  Major repairing of any vehicle, changing of oil, flushing of radiators or cleaning engines or parts may not be done in the resort. Please keep vehicle noise at a minimum during quiet hours. Unauthorized vehicles, and or vehicles parked in unauthorized areas are subject to towing and storage at the owner’s expense.


CABANAS – Please do not deface cabanas in any way, do not place nails in structure or anything that could damage structure.


Management reserves the right to control the use of any resort facility as to hours, purpose and conduct. Management must approve scheduling of events for resort guests or any group thereof.


RESTROOMS AND SHOWERS – Restrooms are open to guests of the resort. The shower facilities are locked with keys available in the office. There is a $20 refundable deposit for each key. We pride ourselves on very clean facilities; please let us know if they require attention.


Reservations are not required but it is best to make them in advance. You may request a specific site however, we guarantee only that your reservation will be placed within a particular site type.  A reservation deposit fee is required at the time the reservation is made. Your advance deposit will be refunded only if the Sundance RV Resort is notified of your cancellation 90 days or more prior to your scheduled arrival date less a $10.00 processing fee.


Winter monthly reservations requires a deposit fee equal to the amount of one month’s rent. Your advance deposit will be refunded only if Sundance RV Resort is notified of your cancellation 90 days or more prior to your scheduled arrival date less a $10.00 processing fee. Should you cancel within 90 days of the reservation your deposit is non-refundable.


Payments are due on the first of the month. Your credit card on file will be charged unless prior arrangements are made. Your deposit will be held and applied to your last month’s rent. A 30 day cancellation policy is required if you decide to depart early.  All sites are month to month beginning on the 1st of the month regardless of what date you checked in.


Pet Policy  – We have a 2 dog limit per site!!

  • All Pets are to be leashed at all times.
  • No barking dogs will be tolerated at any time.
  • You MUST clean up after your pet.
  • Do not leave dogs unattended outside your RV.
  • All complaints will be confirmed and addressed by the Resort Office.
  • Please walk your dogs out back and do not use the beach as their bathroom.
  • We do have a breed restriction: No Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Wolf Hounds, or any dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior.
  • We have a $20 charge, First Offense-Friendly Warning, Second offense- loss of camping privileges.


The resort management reserves the right to amend, revise and add to the Sundance RV Resort Policy at any time.